Raining Rats Rattery

Raining Rats Rattery's Very Important Person

You have landed here because as you have possibly figured out that sometimes try as you may... my rats are dang hard to snag! People come along and get in their application before you are even able to view them. 

This VIP option may be perfect for you. ​​

The VIP is $50.00 to be signed up. Part of your fee ($20) will go to the deposit of your chosen babies.​

  1. This list only has 10 slots available at a time

  2. VIP will be contacted first when a litter is OPEN for adoption application.

  3. You have FIRST pick before list opens.

  4. You have 24hours to contact me the your choice or you will move to the bottom of the list. 

  5. If you choose to wait until next litter then you will move to the bottom of the list. 

  6. To get on the VIP you are already pre-approved for adoption. So it's simple to pick.​

*All fee's are non-refundable, if you decide to back out or not adopt. 


VIP applications: CLOSED 



  1. Mackenzie - Females - VIP PAID
  2. Kendra - VIP PAID*
  3. Jami P - VIP PAID
  4. Samantha - Siamese/Silvermane VIP Paid 
  5. Genese - Dla/Silver VIP Paid
  6. Emily M- Rex/Hrls VIP Paid
  7. Chris M- Females - VIP Paid
  8. Terry H - Males - VIP Paid
  9. Michelle - Females - VIP Paid - Paid Tote Package + Fabric Carrier and Cube
  10. Nick H - Males - VIP Paid 
  11. Erica - Females - VIP Paid